Energy Quest Technologies Inc.

Portable System

Energy Quest has developed a mobile system for the U.S. Army that produces 1.5 tons of cooling and 3 kW of 24VDC electrical power. The single integrated system replaced separate generator and air conditioning units that support vehicle mounted systems.

The Army's objectives where to reduce fuel consumption by 30% over the currently fielded system and reduce weight by 30%. The Energy Quest system demonstrated a 40% reduction in fuel consumption and 22% weight reduction.

Trailer Mount System

The energy efficient, integrated cooling, heating, dehumidification, and power system implements several innovative design features that allow it to service a wide range of aircraft at a lower cost, such as a blower system that can provide a wide range of pressures and flow rates, an innovative split evaporator that allows the system to operate in a dehumidify mode, and a condensate recycle system that uses the condensate to precool the condenser air. The system also includes internal UV lights to sanitize the airstream.